Everything you need to know about green energy

More often you here people talk about green energy. However, do you know what green electricity means? Moreover, maybe more interesting is the question: what are the benefits of green energy? When you ask people in the street about green electricity, the answers are mostly the same. Green electricity is sustainable energy, and thus good for the environment and for our planet. But what does sustainable energy actually imply?

This article is going to describes everything you need to know about this topic. So, green power or green electricity comes from inexhaustible sources. Sources like hydroelectric plants, wind mills or solar panels. Inexhaustible electricity sources mean it will always be there. Green energy also clearly means it doesn’t pollute our environment. So it seems smart to use these kind of sources for your energy consumption, instead of polluting energy.

What is green energy?

As we just emphasized, green energy is generated from unexhausted sources. Sources that will never run out. Light, heat, water en wind will always be there. Every day. These types of sources can never be completely absorbed. That is why they always will provide us with sustainable energy.

Grey energy is the other kind, which is normally used for energy consumption. This energy is generated by natural gas, coal or oil. These sources are very polluting for the environment when they are used for energy production. And of course, one day they run out. This is the reason why energy suppliers more then every change towards producing green energy.  

What is the difference between grey energy and green energy?

As a user of electricity, you never will notice any difference between grey en green energy. All your devices work the same and that will never change. The only difference is how the energy is generated.

When you choose green energy, you will certainly have the same power coming from the outlet as your neighbors who have grey energy. It looks the same. There is only one type of power grid and all electricity goes through it. No matter whether it’s green or grey. Green energy will not go through separate cables to the house that has a green energy contract. This will never happen, and isn’t necessary.

Do you want to know what type of energy you consume? Look at your energy contract to figure out which type of energy your energy supplier delivers. Green energy comes mostly from wind mills, and in some countries from hydro-electric plants. Grey energy is the polluting one. How much grey energy have you consumed?

Sustainable energy for a cleaner planet

A world with a fresh air, healthy nature and healthy drinking water. Isn’t that a world everyone wants to live in? Shouldn’t we protect nature for future generations, so that our children can live happily?

That’s why the choice for green energy should not be a difficult choice. Fortunately, more and more people realize that we have to be careful with nature and with the raw materials that the earth gives us. Nor should we continue to harm the environment, flora and fauna. We take care of nature, so that we can live on this earth for many years to come. Opting for green energy is an important choice towards to a healthier, cleaner planet.

Green energy

What if our resources run out?

We are too dependent on certain resources. Grey energy will run out one day. Grey energy comes from fossil fuels. These resources need to be burned in order to produce energy, and additionally are limited. Fossil fuels can run out.

Therefor it is important to think about alternatives to fossil fuels in order to prevent that the world gets in trouble at some point due to insufficient resources and our huge hunger for energy consumption. On the other hand, these fossil fuels cause a lot of damage to the environment and our climate. We must therefore be aware that fossil fuels must be replaced.

Do I pay more for green energy than for grey energy?

Yes, green electricity is generally a bit more expensive. That has to do with the costs that companies incur to generate green energy. The costs for generating grey energy are generally lower. But the price that the consumer pays is not so much different.

One supplier requires one small additional price for green energy. Another company charges lower costs. This is because the government provides subsidies for green energy. This keeps the costs for consumers relatively low. Plus, there is another benefit for energy producers in keeping their prices down. And that is winning new customers. With high prices you generally attract few customers and that is exactly what must be prevented.

But don’t be fooled. Low prices for grey energy are compensated with high collective costs for fighting climate change and natural disasters due to climate change. In the end, this bill needs to be paid by our society.

How do I know if green energy is really green?

How can you be sure that the green energy you think you buy, is actually sustainable energy?

Check your energy supplier. What do they supply? Look closely. It is possible your energy supplier has contracts for green energy, which means they pay for green energy contracts to compensate grey energy production.

An alternative way is to investigate independent consumer organizations about research on your energy supplier.

Our advice: always go for the greenest and most environmental friendly energy supplier your can find.  

How do you generate private green energy?

Solar panels are the most obvious step if you think about generating green electricity. But solar panels are only one of the many options you have. Though it is the most commonly used variant of solar energy. Generating energy yourself is very beneficial on the long term. The only drawback is the investment that must be made when purchasing. And unfortunately, not everyone is capable to do so.

You can generate energy at home for your own use, you can even generate more than that. You then return the remaining amount to the energy supplier, the proceeds of which will be deducted from your energy bill. Or you use batteries that store the excess energy generated, so you can use this energy when sunlight is little.

Green energy? Just go for it!

Ultimately, it comes down to everyone having to participate in the generation of sustainable energy. Because in the end there are no other solutions left. But before the time comes, it’s good to delve into the possibilities. Certainly now that you know the difference between grey and green energy.